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Overview of the member's view

Welcome to our documentation concerning the new member's view.

the URL is .

This is the place where you can :

What's new in the member's view ?

  1. The pages have been redesigned and should be easier to read on smartphones.
  2. All members are set by default to invisible in the online directory. That means that if you want to appear in the member's directory, you should edit your privacy setting in your profile page.
  3. Here is a little video describing how a member can change one's privacy settings. (please share with your members)

What is a Shambhala Account ?

A Shambhala is a username/password that you can use to authenticate on your different websites.

Why create a Shambhala Account ?

You can use it to register easily on almost any Shambhala website. You can use it to access your online profile and edit your settings, search other members , but also access the website. If you need to access the Shambhala Database (SDB) to process online registrations , member's personal information or your center's event calendar , you would use your Shambhala Account as well.

How to create a Shambhala Account ?

In order to create a Shambhala Account visit this page and give us your email address (the one that we have saved in the SDB for your profile). You might already have a Shambhala Account but you forgot. No problems, in that case we will send you a new password automatically.

What happens if I already have a Shambhala Account ?

If you have created a Shambhala Account with a different email for instance, there might be two ID's for you in the SDB. We have a clean up procedure and we are regularly merging duplicate ID in the SDB. we will keep the latest username & password that you received and will merge it with your already existing data so that it doesn't get lost.

Our goal is not having duplicates in the SDB.

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