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All Shambhala websites use the same username/password. If you reset your password on one of the sites, it will apply to all of them, including the SDB admin view and the following:

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. If your password is not working, click on the “lost password” link that you'll find next to the login box on any of those sites. You should receive a new password in an email. If you are not sure about your email address look in your email history to find what address you have used with Shambhala. (You can write Alice Toohey for help if you are certain that you have an account and can't figure out what email address you have used: [email protected].)
  2. If you don't see a password reset message (which generally arrives within a few minutes), search for it in your “junk” or “spam” folder. Many people initially have difficulty finding such messages, but they are almost always “there” somewhere. If you didn't find the message anywhere, then contact Alice at [email protected]
  3. Once you have your new password, make sure that you type your username correctly. No blank spaces are allowed in the username or at the end of it. Punctuation matters. Upper- and lower-case letters are different. Check whether your browser isn’t using a stored password or cookie that’s out of date: try logging into a Shambhala site in “incognito mode” or with another browser. Also try deleting stored cookies or passwords for Shambhala websites that are kept in your browser.
  4. Browsers will often save a password (as well as cookies), so you need to make sure that your browser is not using an old password. You could copy and paste the new password (make sure you are not copying empty trailing spaces). If that works don't forget to remove the old password from your browser and save the new one.
  5. If you have tried to recover your password several times at please use only the last one. You can modify your username and password here (

If you are able to access any of Shambhala's websites, it means your password is correct and there is no need to reset it again. Your browser might be storing different cookies or passwords, since it doesn't know what sites belong to Shambhala.

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