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   * There are other uses that are in harmony with the vision   * There are other uses that are in harmony with the vision
-**Shambhala subsidiary ​organizationss**+**Shambhala subsidiary ​organizations**
     * Land Centers: ([[https://​​|Karme Chöling]], [[https://​​|Dechen Chöling]], etc.)     * Land Centers: ([[https://​​|Karme Chöling]], [[https://​​|Dechen Chöling]], etc.)
-    * [[https://​​|Kalapa ​Media]] +    * [[https://​​|Kalapa ​Publications]] 
     * [[https://​​|Nālandā Translation Committee]]     * [[https://​​|Nālandā Translation Committee]]
-**What third parties (legally separate organizations) have access to your information?​**+**What third parties (legally separate organizations) ​may have access to some of your information?​**
     * [[https://​​|Shambhala Mountain Center]]     * [[https://​​|Shambhala Mountain Center]]
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