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   * [[|Shambhala Network]] - [[shambhala_network_terms_of_use|Terms of Use]] (aka "Netiquette")   * [[|Shambhala Network]] - [[shambhala_network_terms_of_use|Terms of Use]] (aka "Netiquette")
   * [[|Shambhala Times]]   * [[|Shambhala Times]]
-  * Shambhala Database individual's view: [[|]]. (Where you can set privacy permissions and newsletter subscriptions.)+  * [[members_view|Overview of the member's view]]: [[|]]. (Where you make changes to your personal information,as well as subscribe to newsletters and manage your registrations.)
   * [[shambhala_email_policies|Shambhala email policies]]   * [[shambhala_email_policies|Shambhala email policies]]
   * Other sites with restricted access and specific functions.   * Other sites with restricted access and specific functions.
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